Dr. Sandra Monroe

Psychic Medium

Your loved ones are never truly lost

For 25 years, I’ve delivered healing messages from loved ones

I’m Dr. Sandra Monroe and I look forward to meeting you. I’m a retired Chiropractic Physician now working as a full time Intuitive and Medium.  I have a passion for delivering these evidential messages, bridging the seen with the unseen. I am grateful and honored to do this work.

When working as an intuitive I connect with your angels, guides and your higher wisdom to provide you with insight and clarity on your life path and purpose. Unfortunately, I am not a fortune teller and I do not presume to predict your future.

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Readings and Prices

Individual Mediumship

$175 per hour for 1 person

I connect with and bring messages from your loves ones in spirit. Generally, 3 to 5 loved ones will come forth in each session, including the primary loved one you are desiring to connect with. These sessions take 50-60 minutes.

Small Group Mediumship

$175 total per hour 2-6 people

This option is for groups of between 2 and 6 and we meet in my Lincoln office. I suggest 90 minutes for groups of 4 or more so everyone receives a message.

Large Group Mediumship

$395 for approx. 2 Hours

These events are intended for larger gatherings of 7 or more, are conducted in my office and I generally schedule these for weekends. Unfortunately, I can’t guarantee everyone will receive a message with 8 or more attendees from 8 or more different families.

Spirit portrait Mediumship

$175 per session

In addition to an individual mediumship reading you’ll receive a portrait of a loved one drawn during the reading. I’m able to blend with your loved ones and they will draw someone of their choosing during the session. You take the drawings home with you.

Intuitive Life Purpose and Path

$85 for 30 minutes

These events are intended for larger gatherings of 7 or more, are conducted consult with your Akashic Record, your guides, higher self and your angels to help clarify the questions you have regarding life path and purpose. I am not a fortune teller and I will not predict your future.

Private Combined Reading

$175 per Hour

Intended for individuals who wish to receive a 30 minute Intuitive Life Purpose and Path Reading and a 30 minute Mediumship Reading in the same 60 minute session.

I have had the opportunity to experience both a one on one reading and a group reading with Dr. Monroe. Each was an amazing experience, delivered in a professional, respectful and authentic manner. I would highly recommend her services to my friends, family and those interested in seeking out those who have passed.

– Nancy Hamer

She was absolutely wonderful! A part of me was skeptical at first, but she hit on so many things. I’ve recommended her to my family & friends, which I don’t do often. Sandra was so kind & easy to relate to. I would love to go back! I didn’t want the session to end!

– Janelle Smith

Sandra is one of the best mediums I have known. Her compassion is matched by her accuracy. I felt uplifted after my reading and I recommend her highly. In fact, I have recommended her to many others who have told me that their readings were also excellent.

– Debbie Aronson

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